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What makes you most anxious? Anxiety is a terrible thing. What makes me most anxious in life is going to the dentist! I slather myself with Peace & Calming Oil. I bring my music playlist and earbuds. I pray in the spirit. I try to drown out the experience altogether! I let my Hygenist and…

A Different Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was different this year… Sometimes when life feels like it’s swallowing you, a change of pace is necessary. Such was our Thanksgiving this year. Doug and I had a simple day. Do I want to do it that way every year? No. But we absolutely loved making this year, the only year of our…

My One Word for 2021

A friend gave me a gift yesterday. With it was a beautiful cardstock with the words: Beautiful Capable Worthy I hadn’t really given a lot of prayer or thought to my “one word” for the new year. Yet, as I read these words, the Lord flashed through my soul: “You have come to know how…

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Happy Wonderings

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